With such a large breadth of work, Tim has made his mark as a versatile and inventive composer in Hollywood.

His diverse portfolio includes feature films, television series, documentaries and video games. He has been nominated and has won multiple awards. His score for the Darkness II was nominated for 5 G.A.N.G. awards and won OSV’s Best in Game Soundtrack 2012.

Tim Wynn began his music training as a founding member of the prestigious Orange County High School of the Performing Arts in 1988. From there he was accepted into the USC School of Music, where he studied under Elmer Bernstein, Christopher Young, Buddy Baker and Jerry Goldsmith.

Wynn’s music career is notable by the diversity of his credits. He has found success in scoring feature films, television series, video games and documentaries. His career highlights include feature films: To Save A Life (Samuel Goldwyn Films), Starving Games (Peter Safran), Descendant (Katherine Heigl),  Superfast (Peter Safran), Mckenna Shoots for the Stars (Martin Chase Prod.), video games: XCOM 2 (2K), Darkness II (2K), Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 (EA),  Total War:Warhammer (Sega), Madden NFL 25 (EA), The Simpson’s Game (EA), Warhawk (Sony), and TV shows: Mech-X4 (Disney), Supernatural (Warner Bros), Wolfpack of Reseda (FOX Digital), The Deep End (ABC), Atelier (Netflix/Fuji TV), Lucky Seven (Fuji TV), and documentary James Dean: Forever Young (Warner Brothers Home Video),

Tim lives with his wife and two daughters in Palos Verdes, CA and is represented by Soundtrack Music Associates.

Awards and Nominations

2017 HMMA Best Score

Warhammer 2 – Nominee

2017 Develop Best Music Design

Warhammer – Winner

2012 G.A.N.G Best Score

Darkness II – Nominee

2012 G.A.N.G Best Vocal

Darkness II – Nominee

2012 G.A.N.G Cutscene Audio

Darkness II – Nominee

2012 OSV Best Soundtrack

Darkness II – Winner

2012 Square Enix Best Theme

Darkness II – Nominee

2007 Gang Award for Best Interactive Score

The Simpson’s Game – Winner