Binge watchers rejoice.  Netflix’s original new series “Atelier” released worldwide. Score by Tim Wynn.  Soundtrack release details to announced in 2016.

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  • Sheila says:


    I love Tim Wynn’s score, “Rise” for the TV show Atelier, would love to purchase your CD for this piece of music. It is very soothing to the soul, and I love the piano piece.

  • Gemma says:

    Hi, i just finished this show and loved it and the music. Im dying to know what the very slow piano music is. The one that is only just the piano playing. It sounds like a song i know but im not 100% sure.

  • KurtD0g says:

    I recently watched this on Netflix and the music is very well done. If their is ever a soundtrack cd or MP3 album created, I would be interested in buying it.

  • Carolina says:

    Please, tell the name of the Atelier music!!! Tks,